EMCrit Podcast 137 – Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI) Update


The DSI study is finally published! Listen to this podcast for a discussion of the paper and the things we have learned since the original DSI podcast.

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ICU Physiology


from Jon-Emile Kenny

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Antifragile in EM by George Kovacs


George Kovacs writes on a book he just finished.

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EMCrit Podcast 136 – Getting Shit Done

David Allen Workflow

Not quite ED Critical Care, but I hope this discussion of EM/Resus Productivity may be helpful to some of you out there.

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Help out Niklas Nielsen of the TTM Trial


Help out that TTM guy

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EMCrit Podcast – Trauma Thoughts with John Hinds


John Hinds on Blunt Traumatic Arrest

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EMDOCS.net hosted me on Ask Me Anything


EMDOCS.net brought me on for an AMA session

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EMCrit Wee – I Thought This Would be the One, but Nope….


Smells like some confirmation bias here

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Podcast 134 – ARISE has arisen; now where do we stand on Severe Sepsis in 2014


the Arise Study (Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation) and Severe Sepsis Care in 2014

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Which Pacemaker/ICD is that Again


figure out which device from the xray

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