physiology of cardiac glycosides

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mechanism of action of digoxin

pharmacokinetics of digoxin

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digoxin intoxication 
other cardiac glycosides

clinical manifestations

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acute vs. chronic toxicity
a variety of arrhythmias may be seen:

EKG features

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1) some uncommon arrhythmias may particularly suggest the possibility of digoxin toxicity

2) EKG revealing digitalis effect

3) Paced EKGs

differential diagnosis

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common differential diagnostic considerations:
related differential diagnoses

digoxin levels

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when to check a digoxin level:
timing of the digoxin level
interpretation of the digoxin level in digoxin intoxication
interpretation of the “digoxin level” in intoxication with other cardiac glycosides


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digoxin-specific antibody fragments (DSFab)

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💡Assess need for DSFab early and order promptly, because the time delay from ordering to clinical benefit is generally at least ~2 hours.  

potential complications from DSFab


hemodynamic stabilization

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volume resuscitation

electrolyte management

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questions & discussion

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Going further


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