My Reflections on #SMACCGold


I was going to record a wee right after the conference, and then I realized I was still processing for a while. Then, so many people posted so many insightful descriptions that I felt I really would have nothing to add that would not be just piling … Read more

In-Situ Sim


I know there is definitively a role for HiFi Simulation--from my perspective it should probably be for cognitive, not skill development. I have always believed skill and scenario training can be done with low-fidelity simulation, preferably in the … Read more

150 Lives in 150 Days


My friend, David Sweet, is an ED Intensivist and the clinical lead of the British Columbia Sepsis Network. Their motto, "Best care, no matter where."--you can see why we get along. They put together an initiative to save 150 lives in 150 days. … Read more