Podcast 118 – EMCrit Book Club – On Combat by Dave Grossman

From Grossman On Combat

Cliff Reid joins me for the 1st EMCrit book club on the book, On Combat by Dave Grossman

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Practical Evidence 014 – ACEP Procedural Sedation Update for 2013


This one is really good!

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Podcast 117 – Everyday Emergency Kits with Keith Conover

Keith Conover's Everyday Kit

If you are an EM:RAP listener, you have probably heard Mel Herbert’s story of 2 cars crashing right outside of his house. Mel realized he did not stock a medical kit in his house with the necessary crucial supplies for an emergency scene. I realized I don’t either (there is one in my car). So, I reached out to the master of preparedness, Dr. Keith Conover.

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Podcast 116 – the tPA for Ischemic Stroke Debate


Dr. Andy Jagoda debates my friend Dr. Anand Swaminathan on the use of tPA for Ischemic Stroke in the Emergency Department

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Podcast 115 – A New Paradigm for Post-Intubation Pain, Agitation, and Delirium


What you do in the ED for post-intubation sedation will determine whether your patient lives or dies

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EMCrit / ISMMS Conference 2014


2014 EMCrit Conference was amazing!

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Proper Vancomycin Dosing


Let’s do it right in 2014

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Best of 2013 – Eight is Enough & Social Media Update


Best of 2013

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Another Comment from Our Semi-Retired Critical Care Doctor on Fluids and the Lymphatics


More from John, this time the role of the lymphatics

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Podcast 114 – Post-Arrest Care in 2013 with Stephen Bernard – Part II

Stephen Bernard

Part 2 of an interview with Stephen Bernard on the Care of the Post-Arrest Patient in 2013

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