EMCrit Podcast 49 – The Mind of a Resus Doc: Logistics over Strategy


This Part I of the Mind of a Resus Doc Series, in which we delve into the philosophies that make a good resuscitationist.

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Bleeding Patients on Dabigatran aka Pradaxa


 Reversal of Dabigatran   The incredible folks from hqmeded have put up a video on how to deal with bleeding patients on the new oral anticoagulant, dabigatran…     Here is the Hennepin County Reversal Protocol from the Video What I took from this excellent resource: Thrombin Time is probably the best available way to […]

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EMCrit Podcast 48 – PhD in EKGs Part II: Left Bundle Branch Block


A few months ago, we had Dr. Stephen Smith on the podcast to discuss a variety of EKG issues. Dr. Smith has an EKG blog that is required reading for every ED and ICU doc. This is Part II and I think it discusses an incredibly important issue: right now major medical societies including the AHA and ACEP are asking us to fibrinolyse or PCI patients with new or presumed new LBBB. However, your interventionalists will tell you that this strategy is a ridiculous waste given how few acute occlusions will actually be found. Why this discrepancy?

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EMCrit Podcast 47 – Failure to Plan for Failure: A Discussion of Airway Disasters


Cliff Reid of Resus.Me fame put out an incredible post on NAP4, the audit done on all of the airway complications in Great Britain. It was such a phenomenal post that I got in touch with Cliff and asked if he wanted to come on the podcast to speak about it. He did me one better and got an interview with one of the authors of the Emergency and Critical Care Section.

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EMCrit Podcast 46 – Acid Base: Part III


In part III, we go through 2 cases of acid base abnormalities step by step.

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Bonus – Passing the Esophageal Temperature Probe


It can be a b*tch to pass the esophageal temperature probe for hypothermia. Here’s how to get er done.

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EMCrit Podcast 45 – Acid Base: Part II


This second lecture discusses a quantitative approach to acid base management. I lay out the formula I use to approach an acid-base problem.

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EMCrit Podcast 44 – Acid Base: Part I


This lecture discusses a quantitative approach to acid base management. This is also known as the Fencl-Stewart approach, the strong-ion approach or the physicochemical approach. It provides explanations for why acid base disorders occur in human pathophysiology.

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Listener Questions – Episode 1


Since we had the Kayexalate episode, I did not want to do a full podcast, so I thought I would just air some listener questions:

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Bonus – Is Kayexalate Useless?


Dr. Siamak (Mak) Moayedi, MD found nothing to indicate that kayexalate is effective for the acute management of hyperkalemia.

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