Vasodilators for Severe Sepsis

Vasodilators for Severe Sepsis

A listener, Dave Glaser, points out that one portion of the EGDT protocol doesn’t get spoken about very often: the use of vasodilators for MAP optimization.

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Podcast 054 – Dr. Rivers on Severe Sepsis – Part I


Part I of an amazing talk by Dr. Emanuel Rivers on Severe Sepsis.

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Minh Discusses Three Examples of Airway Management gone Bad


In this podcast short, Minh Le Cong discusses three airway disasters.

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Podcast 053 – Needle vs. Knife: Part I

cicv algo by Andrew Heard et al.

What technique should we use in the can’t intubate/can’t oxygenate (CICO) situation: Needle Cricothyrotomy vs. Bougie Cricothyrotomy.

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Podcast 052 – Organ Donation in the ED


Organ Donation in the Emergency Department Though it may not seem as important as some of the things we do in ED Critical Care, managing the potential organ donor can lead to many lives saved. In this episode I interview Isaac Tawil, an Emergency Intensivist of University of New Mexico Health Sciences and associate medical […]

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Podcast # 51: Fibrinolysis in Pulmonary Embolism


Jeff Kline is the master of all things pulmonary embolism in emergency medicine. This is a lecture he gave on fibrinolysis for pulmonary embolism. He discusses both massive and sub-massive PE.

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AHA PE Guidelines


I extracted only the stuff relevant to ED w/u and management (from Circulation 2011;123:1788)

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Imaging in PE Diagram

An algorithm to decide upon imaging in PE

One possible way to go for initial diagnosis of PE

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A Debate on PE Decision Rules


This may be of interest to you EBM Wonks out there. At one of the resident conferences, I debated David Newman of SMARTEM fame on whether a low risk Wells’ score can be used as a PE rule out criteria.

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EMCrit Podcast 50 – Acid Base Part IV – Choose the Solution Based on the Problem

The components and SID of common fluids

This is Part 4 of the Acid Base saga. In this episode, I discuss the acid base effects of fluids and when and how to use sodium bicarbonate.

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