Podcast 106 – Making Things Happen with Cliff Reid


Mind of the Resuscitationist

This was Cliff Reid’s opening lecture from SMACC 2013. Cliff Reid runs the amazing Resus.me site and any listener of EMCrit knows that I have an enduring (and purely platonic) love for Cliff and all of his teachings.This lecture was on Making Things Happen and it is my #2 favorite lecture from the conference. My number one favorite was also by Cliff, but you’ll have to wait a bit for that one.

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  1. so inspiring , thank you

  2. Jim Gruber says:

    incredible lecture! I was hoping to get some clarification on thoracotomy. I work in a rural ER with NO backup–I am it. Having listened to Scott’s trauma podcast I started using finger thoracotomy on my sever trauma pt’s–if there is no ptx, i just close the wound later, if there is a ptx I insert a chest tube. However, after listening to your talk I wanted to make sure I understand this correctly–you can do a finger thoracotomy and if there is a ptx, it’s ok to leave it open while I get other things done then come back later and place a chest tube?

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