Podcast 108 – How to Be a Hero with Cliff Reid


This was my favorite lecture from SMACC 2013. If you are not moved and inspired then your heart is made of stone.

This is a Cliff Reid lecture; if you want more Cliff, see these incredible lectures and podcasts:

I’ll post my own final SMACC lecture in 1 week and then we are done with SMACC 2013.

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  1. That lecture should be played on the first day of training of every med school, PA school, nursing school, paramedic school, and EMT school. And it should be played again on the last day of training before those folks head out to apply their skills on their fellow man.

  2. James French says:

    Thud thud wipe wipe Cliff! Pure class as always.

  3. David Hersey says:


    Great stuff. I meet a hero the other day. A nurse at a small community hospital had a very unstable patient that exceeded the hospital capacity. However, the Internists did not want to transfer the patient. The nurse called a consulting service at the local teaching hospital that has been see the patient for years. They were very concerned that they were unaware of how ill this patient was. They called the Internists and transfer was arranged ASAP. For the nurse there was no personal gain and a good chance of irritating a Physician at her hospital. But, it needed to be done.


  4. I have been onto your blog for a bit, Scott, but just delved into Cliff’s lectures via your site. Amazing, inspiring, timely, relevant, hilarious, I could go on. I have shared links to both your blogs and FB pages, hope I did it the right way and gave sufficient credit. Thank you so much & keep up the good work.


  1. […] motivational talk from Dr. Cliff Reid (@cliffreid) at SMACC 2013 via the EMCrit podcast. Great advice for life and emergency […]

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