Podcast 149 – Thyroid Storm


Not a topic of specific expertise for me, but I wanted to get all of the info in one place for future use--Thyroid Storm Most of the Below Information is from: EMRAP June 2010 Stuart Swadron Interviews Jonathan LoPresti Diagnosing Thyroid Storm From Jonathan LoPresti Hyperthyroid Fever AMS-trouble concentrating all the way to coma Sympathetic … [Read more...]

Essentials of EM ED Fellowship 2015 for US EM Residents


Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) is undeniably one of the best EM conferences out there. Now, one lucky resident will get an opportunity to go behind the scenes and see the sausage being made. Recently, I was contacted by the conference organizer, Dr. Paul Jhun. He and Mel Herbert have cooked up an amazing opportunity for one very lucky US EM resident. Want to attend … [Read more...]

Podcast 148 – Airway Decisions and Online Etiquette


If you haven't already, you must watch the Cricothyrotomy Wee If you want to have any idea what I am talking about... The Cric Wee Here is the comment that sparked this podcast How to Plan Your Airway Take Account of the Whole Situation, both Immediate and Delayed Issues Pick the Plan the Fails Best What is a Bad Option IMrHO? Anything through the nose … [Read more...]