Rapid Ultrasound for Shock and Hypotension – the RUSH Exam

The RUSH Exam: Rapid Ultrasound for Shock and Hypotension

Scott D. Weingart, MD RDMS, Daniel Duque MD RDMS, Bret Nelson MD RDMS

Hear the Lecture

This concept was first conceived by the authors above in 2006 and discussed in national lectures in 2007 and on. It has been available on emcrit.org since March 2008 and was the first hit on a google search of ‘RUSH Exam’ from this date on. It was published on Emedhome in May 2009.

Original RUSH Article

This article on the RUSH Exam was published in May 2009

Additional Resources for the RUSH Exam

Newest RUSH Review (Critical Care Research and Practice 2012;doi:10.1155/2012/503254)

An article on the benefits of multiorgan ultrasound in shock patients (Inten Care Med PMID: 23584471)

Goal-directed echocardiography from Mayo and Koenig (CHEST 2012; 142 ( 4 ): 1042 – 1048)

Prospective Cohort Trial in the ED with extensive POCUS protocol (Intens Care Med 2013;39:1290)


  1. Mike Welsh says:

    Thank you


  3. Thank you so much Scott. Your breakdown of the Rush exam (amongst other work you have published) is helping me:
    1) better understand and use US in the ED
    2) compile my research protocol on US of IVC in the positively ventilated- is it still reliable as a preload surrogate?


  4. Oh oh, is it just me or is the lecture recording not working?

  5. Do you have a video of this talk, or a copy of the slides used?


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