1. These are great books, I especially like the oral board review book, I’d also recommend it’s the source I have been using for board prep this year, and it’s pretty great and helps to sort of assess where you are as far as board readiness too.

  2. Excellent list, thank you. Many of those books fill in gaps in my library! Thank goodness for Amazon Wish List!

    Even better – the Common Hand injuries book is available on kindle for £6.49 – bargain price!

  3. Hi Scott,

    PR Carter’s “Common Hand Injuries” is now in its second edition on itunes for 9.99. It’s not in print and it doesn’t seem to be in digital form anywhere else. Thanks for the recommendation, it is great. The best books are so often single author books.

  4. Hey Scott,
    Any good recommendations (books or other) for those of us with a mild aptitude and understanding of bio-statistics looking to get better at tearing research papers apart?

  5. Hey Dr Scott,
    I’m an EM 1st Year Resident, what do you think of the Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine and Textbook of Pediatric Emergency medicine by Peter Cameron ?
    Are they good?

    PS- Any idea about the Tintinalli’s 8th edition release date?


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