Podcast 90 – Mind of the Resuscitationist Series: Cliff Reid’s Own the Resus Room

Cliff Reid is the prototypical resuscitationist; he rocks! He has discussed his philosophies on previous episodes:

And of course, Cliff’s blog, resus.me, is some of the best retrieval and resuscitation information around.

I brought Cliff up to speak in my Critical Care Track at the 2012 Essentials of Emergency Medicine. Mel Herbert was kind enough to give me permission to post the lecture here. I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

Need the audio-only version of Cliff’s talk? Right click the link and choose save-as.

Now, on to the podcast…

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  1. Felipe Teran MD says

    This is one of the best – simple but yet comprehensive – well delivered and motivating lectures I`ve seen in long time on a topic that is probably the essence of our specialty. Thanks much for putting it up. Regretting not making it to Essentials…

  2. Don Diakow says

    Borrowed a few “lines of wisdom” from this exceptional presentation to positively motivate some of my crews this tour. Thank-you Doctor Reid well-done!

  3. says

    Curious which studies are referred to about paramedics and controlling their environments? This matches my own ideas closely, but I’d love to see what work has been done.

  4. Bill says

    Awesome podcast!!! I am a paramedic and medical student and your EM Crit podcasts should be mandatory for those in EM or CC. I was surprised to hear in NYC that ambulances would take someone to a facility based upon geographic location and not resources available. In Oklahoma, EMS destination protocols rate each hospital in the specialities such as neuro, cardiac, peds, etc. They are even categorized into which ones are cardiac arrest receiving facilities. An ambulance could be across the street from a hospital, but patients are taken only to facilities that have the capabilities of managing their condition. It is not uncommon for ambulance to drive past a hospital in order to deliver a patient to a hospital that has the extensive resources to manage their condition. The medical oversight ensures that patients are directed to the right hospital. Obviously the exception, is an airway that cannot be maintained.

    • says

      Thanks brother. NYC has stroke centers, cardiac arrest centers, STEMI centers, trauma centers, and peds centers. I believe it was Cliff’s place that wasn’t bypassed.

      • William Murry says

        Sorry, I misunderstood! I thought you had mentioned a hospital close to yours received ambulance patients that might need a more comprehensive care just because they were “closer”. I wish Oklahoma that the facilities that NYC. I just meant they were broken down into those categories. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


  1. […] Mind of the Resuscitationist Series: Cliff Reid’s Own the Resus Room. This awe-inspiring video by Cliff Reid will have you leading, and dominating the resuscitation room in no time! Sensational work, thinking, and approach by Cliff – a must watch! […]

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