Thanks for your help

To all who responded to my request for help making a tough decision, thank you. You are the best audience any podcaster could ever hope for. We will back to ED Critical Care on Monday. Until then know that each of you make this so worthwhile. Thank you.



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  1. VV says

    “There’s nothing to be done…” about their $400 membership requirement?
    There’s always something that COULD be done…ALWAYS…

  2. geoff martin says

    Hi Scott, I am too late but don’t do it – to be frank – if they know you and value you – the powers that be could give you a membership – you hold their principles and I am sure $400 would be well spent on you.

  3. Stuart Onslow says

    Been on holiday so late to reply. I would suggest that if they want your educational skills then they pay the $400, if not then decline. As you say, it is not the cost but the principle. My first thought on listening was to tell them to get *^*)&&__

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