signs & symptoms

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differential diagnosis

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A patient presents with both the uncommon infection uvulitis and epiglottitis

— Cleveland Clinic MD (@CleClinicMD) May 16, 2017


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lateral neck x-ray

Image of the Week: Epiglottitis

— NEJM (@NEJM) September 3, 2019

neck CT scan
bedside nasolaryngoscopy

Flexible nasoendoscopy or nasal endoscopy is a simple diagnostic procedure performed routinely by Ear Nose & Throat Surgeons as part of a routine examination. Here, Eric performs it on himself. It’s easy as! #meded #ENTsurgery

— Dr Eric Levi (@DrEricLevi) June 23, 2020

blood cultures

medical management

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epiglottic abscess

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management implications

indications for intubation

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general concepts regarding airway management in epiglottitis 
possible indications for intubation
not necessarily indications for intubation
role of flexible nasolaryngoscopy to determine need for intubation?

intubation procedure

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intubation is fraught with hazard
scenario #1:  the crashing epiglottitis patient (extremely rare!)
scenario #2:  the non-crashing epiglottitis patient

extubation procedure

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questions & discussion

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Going further


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