EMCrit Wee – Cliff Reid’s Tips for Occasional Intubators

From Minh’s Interview, I stole this five minute piece for an EMCrit Wee.

Cliff Reid discusses some tips for occasional intubators.

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  1. Awesome list; spot on. I would add the technique of visualization for the occasional intubator. There’s physical practice and there’s mental practice, and both have great value. For rarely performed life and death skills, we can’t practice them all physically on a daily basis, but we can visualize ourselves performing each step successfully on a daily basis. I’ve got a checklist of my own– what I do in my car en route to each ED or flight shift I work. 1. Listen to “One” by Metallica or “Tom Sawyer” by Rush. 2. Visualize myself performing a successful bougie-aided cric.

  2. Minh Le Cong says:

    Thanks Bill. Metallica before a shift..must try that one.

    For those who want some more on the asking for help and penis length…essentially why is it hard to ask for help at times..check out this good case presentation and discussion on surgical airways from the awesome anaesthetic faculty at Westmead hospital in Sydney



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