EMCrit Podcast 22 – Non-Invasive Severe Sepsis Care


Young patient, lactate of 5.2, pneumonia... You know what you're supposed to do--put in the central line and start early goal directed therapy. Problem is, most people can't see sticking a central line in a patient that does not need pressors and otherwise looks well. Yet these patient have an annoying habit of going on to decompensate and perish. Well now there may be another … [Read more...]

EMCrit Podcast 18 – The Infamous Awake Intubation Video

This post marks the return of the Awake Intubation Video. If you've seen it, we will have a brand new post early next week. If you haven't, well you are in for a treat: A subsequent podcast discusses who should be intubated awake This is the best article I have found on Airway Topicalization for Awake Intubation Awake Intubation can save your butt! It requires … [Read more...]

EMCrit Podcast 4 – Awake Intubation

The video for this lecture is up at this link. Awake intubation can save your butt. It requires forethought and humility--you must be able to say to yourself, "I am not sure I will be able to successfully intubate this patient." However, the payoff for this thought process is enormous. You can try an intubation in the ED with very few downsides. If you get it, you look … [Read more...]