Podcast 132 – MoTR – Toughness Part I with Michael Lauria


Today, I interview Mike Lauria on the concepts of toughness and resilience. The Rationale of Selection Courses/Indoc 80-90% Attrition for the PJs Indoc One of the things that people, I think, find distasteful about selection programs in the civilian word is that it uncovers fundamental weaknesses and shortfalls.  This is no commentary on the intrinsic worth of the … [Read more...]

MotR – Mike Lauria on “Making the Call”


Mind of the Resuscitationist Wee Mike Lauria is the @resuspadawan. You'll be hearing a lot more about Mike when he comes on the show for an interview. For now, know that he was Air Force Pararescue, now a medic on the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team (DART), and will be starting medical school in the Fall. He has a special interest in cognitive decision making under … [Read more...]

Mind of the Resuscitationist – Errors of Commission and Omission


I received an email from a friend and colleague on how to build mental toughness in our trainees. After hearing the case that spurred the question, I actually began to believe the problem is actually one of self-granted permission to act and the conflict between erros of commission and errors of omission. Recommended Reading/Listening Combating omission errors through task … [Read more...]

Podcast 118 – EMCrit Book Club – On Combat by Dave Grossman

From Grossman On Combat

Today I am joined by the master of all things Mind of the Resuscitationist, Cliff Reid of resus.me and the Rage Podcast. In the first ever EMCrit Book Club, we discuss a book I read years ago and recently reread: On Combat by Dave Grossman has enormous relevance to resuscitationists. I feel the entire book is worth reading, but we zoned in on the really juicy … [Read more...]