EMCrit Podcast 43 – Laryngeal Airways with Daniel Cook, MD (Part I)


My favorite supraglottic airway is the Cookgas Air-Q; it was created by an anesthesiologist, Dr. Daniel Cook. He just created a new device that allows the placement of an esophageal blocker through the laryngeal airway. I gave him a call to hear about the new product and in the course of that conversation, he gave me a ton of tips on the placement of laryngeal airways. Part II … [Read more...]

EMCrit Podcast 41 – Interview with Cliff Reid of RESUS.me

resus.me logo

I was able to cajole Cliff Reid of the amazing blog, resus.me on to the EMCrit program. Cliff is truly a doc after my own heart as you will hear from the cast. He is currently an EMS physician and Director of Training at the New South Wales Ambulance Service. Cliff's blog, resus.me is an incredible collection of timely articles on emergency medicine, ems, critical care … [Read more...]

Origins of the Dope Mnemonic


All the way back in episode 16, I asked if anyone knew the origins of the DOPE mnemonic for post-intubation desaturation. Nobody had an answer until now. Here is an email from Ahad... Hi there Dr.Scott. I'm Ahad (pronounced as "AA" like when the doc wants to examine your throat then followed by "had") an emergency medicine resident and junior educator for King Saud … [Read more...]