Podcast 154 – Preemptive Sepsis Panel SmaccBack


Consider Joining the RLA if you want to commit to Resuscitation Resuscitation Leadership Academy Does SIRS Suck? Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Criteria in Defining Severe Sepsis (DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1415236) We are Complicit Please read my post, We are Complicit, to understand why this Table 2 from SSC will make life miserable for all ED … [Read more...]

Podcast 153 – In Memory – John Hinds, On How He Ran His Unit


John was one of the most wonderful people I knew in medicine. He was kind. He was an amazing doc; strong and confident in what he believed was right, but the consistent trait noticed by all who met him in the FOAM world was his rare humility. John was just lovely, with an acerbic wit that kept me in tears whenever I was around him. He was trying to better the trauma care of … [Read more...]

Podcast 150 – A Look Back


Can't believe we made it this far...and it's all thanks to the emcritters! Rob Orman's ERCast for Episode 150 http://traffic.libsyn.com/ercast/Weingart_on_the_state_of_things.output.mp3 or listen at ERCast note: this is not EMCrit Podcast 150, scroll down to play episode 150 Evolution of Sepsis Care From EGDT to GNYHA to the Triumvirate of Good Care Fluids in … [Read more...]