Podcast 150 – A Look Back


Can't believe we made it this far...and it's all thanks to the emcritters! Rob Orman's ERCast for Episode 150 http://traffic.libsyn.com/ercast/Weingart_on_the_state_of_things.output.mp3 or listen at ERCast note: this is not EMCrit Podcast 150, scroll down to play episode 150 Evolution of Sepsis Care From EGDT to GNYHA to the Triumvirate of Good Care Fluids in … [Read more...]

The Resuscitation Crisis Manual (RCM) – Authors Needed


A while ago on the podcast, I featured a book called the Anesthetic (Anaesthetic) Crisis Manual by David Borshoff. David is an anesthesiologist and a pilot, so it was natural that he would want the same sort of no-bullshit crisis checklist he used in a plane to be present in the operating theater. Hence the Anesthetic Crisis Manual. Joe Novak, Emerg Doc and Combat Aviator, … [Read more...]

Podcast 149 – Thyroid Storm


Not a topic of specific expertise for me, but I wanted to get all of the info in one place for future use--Thyroid Storm Most of the Below Information is from: EMRAP June 2010 Stuart Swadron Interviews Jonathan LoPresti Diagnosing Thyroid Storm From Jonathan LoPresti Hyperthyroid Fever AMS-trouble concentrating all the way to coma Sympathetic … [Read more...]