EMCrit Podcast 39 – Hyponatremia


Hmm… he’s tasty, but he just needs a little salt In this podcast, I discuss the management of hyponatremia in the ED. After reading countless articles from the nephrology literature…I can still attest that I have not a friggin’ clue about renal physiology. But I think I have found a simpler path to the work-up and treatment of low sodium in the ED. When they are <130 … [Read more...]

EMCrit Podcast 32 – Treatment of Severe Hyperkalemia


>>> Update: For a new take on kayexalate, see Mak Moayedi's Lecture Hey folks. As I get ready for ACEP, I just wanted to get a quick podcast put up. One of the listeners requested an episode on the treatment of hyperkalemia in the ED. There was a fantastic article published in Critical Care Medicine on the topic by a Dr. Weisberg. I go through my management and … [Read more...]