Podcast 118 – EMCrit Book Club – On Combat by Dave Grossman

From Grossman On Combat

Today I am joined by the master of all things Mind of the Resuscitationist, Cliff Reid of resus.me and the Rage Podcast. In the first ever EMCrit Book Club, we discuss a book I read years ago and recently reread: On Combat by Dave Grossman has enormous relevance to resuscitationists. I feel the entire book is worth reading, but we zoned in on the really juicy … [Read more...]

Podcast 108 – How to Be a Hero with Cliff Reid


This was my favorite lecture from SMACC 2013. If you are not moved and inspired then your heart is made of stone. This is a Cliff Reid lecture; if you want more Cliff, see these incredible lectures and podcasts: Chicken Bombs and the Muppet Factor Mind of the Resuscitation Interviews Part I Mind of the Resuscitation Interviews Part II Own the Resus Room I'll … [Read more...]

Podcast 106 – Making Things Happen with Cliff Reid


Mind of the Resuscitationist This was Cliff Reid's opening lecture from SMACC 2013. Cliff Reid runs the amazing Resus.me site and any listener of EMCrit knows that I have an enduring (and purely platonic) love for Cliff and all of his teachings.This lecture was on Making Things Happen and it is my #2 favorite lecture from the conference. My number one favorite was also by … [Read more...]

Podcast 90 – Mind of the Resuscitationist Series: Cliff Reid’s Own the Resus Room


Cliff Reid is the prototypical resuscitationist; he rocks! He has discussed his philosophies on previous episodes:  A Resuscitationist Agonizes Part I of an Interview with Cliff Part II of the Interview And of course, Cliff's blog, resus.me, is some of the best retrieval and resuscitation information around. I brought Cliff up to speak in my Critical Care … [Read more...]