SMACC Lecture Notes


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    Dear Scott,

    Your talk this morning was insanely great! I have always wondered how the greats of our profession stand out above the rest; it boils down to just plain hard work, every day, every shift. “You’ve gotta read the stuff” is something I try to tell my residents all the time, many times in vain. I remember Dr Andy Jagoda, when he swung by Singapore in 2008, said something that impressed me – all the literature is out there, why let the cardiologists or anybody tell you what to read, when you can read it and appraise it yourself. That is something that has stuck with me since, and I will say that the path is hard indeed. Someone will always find some great article somewhere that I have not heard of or miss, and there are a lot of crap even in the brand name journals.

    But I agree with you. It is a path worth walking. And it humbles me each day, the wealth of medical knowledge that is out there, and truly how little we know of it.


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    The Path to Insanity is my all time favourite EM/CC talk bar none. It has already changed the way I think about things and hopefully improved my behaviour.
    The clever irony is that it appeared to be talking about mastery of medicine/critical care, but was in fact a demonstration of mastery of presentation. Immaculate delivery. Inspiring.

    Thanks mate.


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