EMCrit Wee – Janus General and Service Update

Janus General Hospital

Janus General is a virtual hospital where I will set all of my future cases. The inspiration for a virtual hospital comes from my friends at the St. Emlyn’s Blog.

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  1. says

    Love the Janus General idea. I settled upon a similar idea for writing EMS scenarios; the reader works at Scenarioville EMS in the fictional town of Scenarioville (http://emsbasics.com/welcome-to-scenarioville/scenarioville-information/). With a consistent setting trainees can start to learn the subtle decision-making stuff that requires an understanding of the specific environment you’re working in (where are the trauma centers, what time does the interventional team go home, where’s the really good coffee…). Of course, that hardly helps them learn the particulars of where they’re ACTUALLY working, but I find that once someone understands *how* to make decisions, adapting for a new setting is usually not too difficult; it’s just mental cut-and-paste.

  2. Max says

    Scott- as always your awesomeness speaks for itself!
    From now on … if you don’t mind all my case presentations would have taken place at Janus General. Also, because it’s a teaching hospital – it’s a place where my junior residents make a lot mistakes ( and we all learn from them) ;-]
    Thank you !


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