Procedure: Open Cricothyrotomy for Historical Purposes Only


The only way I recommend performing cricothyrotomy since 2011 is the Bougie-Aided Cricothyrotomy


Actual Cric with Old Methods from Youtube


My Old Cric Methods

For historical purposes only, here is my video on performing open cricothyrotomy in 3 situations: with a trach set and an assistant, with a trach set when alone, and when you only have a scalpel.



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  1. Damon Tedford says

    Nice! Love the video. We’ll be making a few of these training models tomorrow to get sorted out on this procedure.

    Cheers Scott.


  2. Dr Bernal says

    During the Lecture you mentioned a cheap way to practice cricothyrotomy can you post a quick video clip on how to do it.

  3. Gael says

    Dear Scott, Not sure if its my computer, but after trying multiple times the audio of your ‘open cric’ lecture (last one on this post) is not working (distorted). could you check this?

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