EMCrit Podcast 9 – Can you take sick patients to ct?

ct scanner

Does the EM ban on letting sick patients go to CT scan make sense?

listen to the podcast and then register your opinion.

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  1. phil says

    Scott – great podcast. Now if you can find a way to convince the cardiologist that sick patients can undergo echocardiography at the bedside at 2am.


  2. says

    It seems very reasonable to send sick patients to CT, if properly prepared. Possibly creating a hospital protocol for these types of patients.

  3. Joshy Q says

    I love this topic. I loathe suspending appropriate patient care due to geography. Absolutely take the sick patient to CT, but be prepared.

  4. says

    This was an interesting argument but, the simplest solution is to bring the CT to the patient. Neurologica makes Portable CT scanners that are fully lead shielded, run on standard wall power or batteries, and can be rolled anywhere in the hospital or clinic. They have an 8 slice portable head and neck CT and they are getting ready to release a 32 slice portable full body CT with an 85 cm gantry and 60 cm field of view. In germany, some ambulances have Neurologica’s 8 slice portable CT to scan stroke patients on the spot. This idea of a fixed CT is out of date and it is slowly being replaced. If you don’t believe me check out http://www.neurologica.com.

    • emcrit says

      I agree this is probably the wave of the future. I have seen the head ct version and it is an impressive machine. I would appreciate it if you have a financial interest in a product you espouse on this site, that you make that clear in your comment. It is fine to post, but please give your fellow readers some idea of your vantage.


      • says


        My apologies. I do work for NeuroLogica, but I only recently started working for them because they share passion in reducing patient transport. It’s a devastating feeling when you lose you someone whose life could have been spared if technology was just a few years more advanced. It’s my passion to find that technology and share it with world, so someone else won’t have to endure that pain. This is my vantage.
        I truly appreciate your website. Thank you for sharing this information with world.

        Kind Regards,
        Benjamin Powell
        NeuroLogica Marketing

  5. says

    I work with Joe C. one of your former residents – great job in his training I agree with your assessment re CT scan
    To me it was like …..duh! why did I not think of this sooner
    Thank You Scott


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