Podcast 70 – Airway Management with Rich Levitan

The best lecture on Airway Management–Ever?

Rich Levitan is one of the best teachers on the skills of laryngoscopy–or as he would probably put it, epiglottoscopy. Here is an hour long lecture he delivered last month at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. It is surely one of the best airway lectures I have ever heard.

Want to hear more from Dr. Levitan? Visit his airway site at airwaycam.com.

or, read his incredible book:

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  1. Don Diakow says

    Common sense from the Airway Master! Thank-you Doc’s Weingart and Levitan. Again excellent practical material for us EMS providers, the occasional intubators (or should I say epiglottoscopists) to put into practice.

  2. Stuart Onslow says

    Fantastic practical info. I particullally liked the analogy of breathlessness and head extension or flexion. Also appreciated the history given by Dr Levitan, some of those guys were really smart.

  3. Kurt says

    Dr. Levitan is pretty amazing. Not trying to be difficult. Whenever the conversation about cricoid pressure comes up I think one has to balance the discussion about its “potential efficacy” and I think its reasonable to consider this paper from anesthesia and analgesia 2009 in the conversation:
    “Cricoid Pressure Results in Compression of the
    Postcricoid Hypopharynx: The Esophageal Position
    Is Irrelevant”

  4. Mike says

    This was a great lecture – thank you – infinitely more useful than most training sessions. The NO DESAT is great – never seen it used! Will implement from now on. Greetings from Toronto…great show, keep up the great work.

  5. Greg Kelly says

    Thanks Richard and Scott, that was a truly incredible lecture. I’m going to put it on a USB stick and press it into the hands of everyone I work with. Keep up the good work!

  6. Don Diakow says

    Had the opportunity to put into practice some of the info Dr. Levitan reviewed on this Podcast on a tough Field Intubation. Out of Hospital cardiac arrest grade 4 view on Obese patient. Remembering the “epiglottoscopist” approach ( in fact the very word was running through my head as I was inserting the laryngoscope) successfully ID’ed the anatomy and caught the posterior side of the epiglottis with a bougie to intubate this difficult airway.
    Very common sense approach for us EMS type’s to manage some of the sick folks we are called to care for.

  7. Amelia J Nugent, DO says

    Still the best airway lecture ever. I have my interns watch it before their first procedure lab, and again before their first Anesthesia/ ICU rotation. Thanks so much Rich Levitan!


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