Podcast 145 – Awake Intubation Lecture from SMACC


I gave this lecture at SMACC 2014. It combines many former podcasts so they are now directed here (Podcast 4 & 18) Awake Intubation can save your butt! It requires forethought and humility–you must be able to say to yourself, “I am not sure I will be able to successfully intubate this patient.” However, the payoff for this thought process is enormous. You can attempt an … [Read more...]

Podcast 144 – The PROPPR trial with John Holcomb


Today, we discuss the PROPPR Trial with its lead author, John Holcomb, MD. This was an RCT of trauma patients with severe hemorrhage. It pitted 1:1:1 matched product transfusion with a 1:1:2 control group. Dr. Holcomb is a Trauma Surgeon at University of Texas, Houston. He spent decades in the military as a surgeon before continuing his career in Houston. This podcast is … [Read more...]