Vodcast on Applying to Crit Care Fellowship from EM

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Vodcast on Crit Care Fellowship

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Vaughan Williams Video

vw class

Anti-dysrhythmic rap

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Podcast 98 – Cyclic (Tricyclic) Antidepressant Overdose


Tricyclic overdoses are not uncommon and these patients can be incredibly ill.

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EMCrit Wee – Janus General and Service Update


Learn about Janus General

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Podcast 97 – Acid-Base VI – Chloride-Free Sodium


So last podcast, I bashed on sodium bicarbonate or as John Kellum and David Story call it: chloride-free sodium. This episode I talk about all the good reasons to use NaBicarb.

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The LLS Score

LLS Sign

The LLS Score is essential…

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Podcast 96 – Acid Base in the Critically Ill – Part V – Enough with the Bicarb Already


More on Bicarb in the Critically Ill and a discussion with John Kellum, MD

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Episode 12 – New Trauma Guidelines: ATLS and Spine

Episode 12 – New Trauma Guidelines: ATLS and Spine

New Trauma Guidelines: ATLS and Spine

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Podcast 95 – Thomas Scalea on Cutting-Edge ICP Management


Thomas Scalea discusses new frontiers in the management of ICP and TBI

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EMCrit Wee – The Vortex Approach

Vortex Cognitive Aid

The vortex approach is a new paradigm for airway management in all areas of the hospital

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