Podcast 108 – How to Be a Hero with Cliff Reid


This was my favorite lecture from SMACC 2013. If you are not moved and inspired then your heart is made of stone.

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Podcast 107 – Peripheral Vasopressor Infusions and Extravasation


Can we give vasopressors peripherally? And if we do, what if they leak?

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SMACC Gold Promo


SMACC Gold is March 18-21st on the Gold Coast of Australia–best ED conference you will ever attend

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Podcast 106 – Making Things Happen with Cliff Reid


Cliff Reid runs the amazing Resus.me site and any listener of EMCrit knows that I have an enduring (and purely platonic) love for Cliff and all of his teachings.

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Podcast 105 – The Path to Insanity


This was my favorite lecture assigned to me at SMACC 2013. It discusses the search for excellence in our profession. I hope you enjoy!

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Podcast 104 – Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon (LAMW) Series – Hemodynamic Kills


A lecture from SMACC2013 on how not to kill the shocked patient when intubating

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EMCrit Wee – Vasopressin, Steroids, and Epinephrine for Cardiac Arrest


New medication therapy for cardiac arrest

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SMACC Back 2 – IVC for Decisions on Fluid Status


A SMACC Back on Justin Bowra’s IVC Ultrasound bashing.

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What Will it Take to Kill off CVP?


What will it take to kill off CVP?

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Podcast 103 – Avoiding Resuscitation Medication Errors – Part II


I am joined by Bryan Hayes for Part II of our discussion on the avoidance of critical medication errors during resuscitations.

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