Podcast 113 – Post-Cardiac Arrest Care in 2013 with Stephen Bernard – Part I

Photo by Brian Burns

Dr. Stephen Bernard on the topic of post-arrest care

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Think You Understand Fluids–Cause I don’t have a grasp yet



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Podcast 112 – A Response to the Marik Sepsis Fluids Lecture


Last week I posted a lecture by Paul Marik on Fluid Management in severe sepsis. The lecture is the equivalaent of a bucket of ice water poured over your head. Now let’s give you a towel and discuss.

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The IVC for Fluid Assessment Roundup


Gosh, you must be just sick about this IVC Crap We have discussed it a bunch here on the podcast: IVC for Fluid Assessment Then I debated Stone at Castlefest 2013 Stone’s Point My Counterpoint Then the French Canadians did an incredible podcast on the Ultrasound Podcast. These folks were even brave enough to integrate […]

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Has the Aortic Balloon Popped?


Any role for the IABP anymore?

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Five Minutes with Jon Rittenberger on the TTM Trial


More on TTM Trial

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EMCrit Wee – The Targeted Temperature Trial Changes Everything


Cold, but not all that cold may be the way

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Podcast 111 – Fluids in Sepsis, A New Paradigm – Paul Marik

Marik Fluid Flowsheet

Our favorite critical care skeptic, Dr. Paul Marik, on fluids in severe sepsis

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SMACC Back 3 – Simon Carley on Leadership


A SMACC back on Simon Carley’s talk on Educational Leadership

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Podcast 110 – Exsanguinating Hemorrhage from Mid-Face Fractures


Management of Severe Hemorrhage from Mid-Face Blunt Trauma

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