EMCrit Wee – Four More Minutes with Rob Mac Sweeney


I told you today we would have a bit of discussion on Rob Mac Sweeney’s FOAM. Well here it is…

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EMCrit Wee – Rob Mac Sweeney on Intra-Arrest Meds


Rob Mac Sweeny on the Intra-Arrest Talk

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PEMED’s Resus Kit


Andrew Sloas of PEMED builds his resus pack

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Mind of the Resuscitationist – Errors of Commission and Omission


Should we err towards errors of commission or omission?

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Podcast 125 – The New Intra-Arrest from SMACCgold


Enough with cook book medicine and courses for dermatologists–let’s provide cutting edge intra-arrest care

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EMCrit Wee – Cricolol by Dr. John Hinds


My favorite part of SMACCgold; buy some Cricolol

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Podcast 124 – The Logistics of Proning for ARDS


Proning is one of the only evidence-based techniques to affect the mortality of ARDS patients. I’ve been wanting to do an episode on proning for a while.

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EMCrit Wee – Sean Townsend of the SSC and the ProCESS Trial


I talk with a member of the surviving sepsis campaign steering committee re: ProCESS

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Podcast 123 – Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion (SAAP) with Jim Manning

SAAP Catheter Prototype

What if you had a REBOA catheter through which you could give blood and drugs?

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My Reflections on #SMACCGold


well, actually not mine at all.

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