EMCrit Wee – Sean Townsend of the SSC and the ProCESS Trial


I talk with a member of the surviving sepsis campaign steering committee re: ProCESS

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Podcast 123 – Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion (SAAP) with Jim Manning

SAAP Catheter Prototype

What if you had a REBOA catheter through which you could give blood and drugs?

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My Reflections on #SMACCGold


well, actually not mine at all.

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In-Situ Sim


MobileSim Site

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EMCrit Wee – A Cric Case with Rob Bryant


Rob Bryant presents a case

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Podcast 122 – Cardiac Arrest after the Toxicology of Smoke Inhalation with Lewis Nelson


What is the proper care for a patient in cardiac arrest or shock after smoke inhalation if they don’t have severe burns?

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150 Lives in 150 Days


Sepsis Collaboratives work in Canada too

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Which Airway Mannequin for Resuscitationists?


Who would know better than Minh Le Cong? He recommends this particular model from Nasco (as always neither of us have any COI). Nasco Critical Airway Manager Minh has beaten the crap our of his, drowned it, and basically committed levels of abuse that would get him arrested in a more civilized country. Also Checkout […]

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US Emergency Physicians Must Read this Piece


Gross Negligence?

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EMCrit Podcast 121 – REBOA

Balloon in Zone-3

This episode, we discuss REBOA (resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta).

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