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Airway Course and Neurocritical Care Course

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Podcast 128 – Pulmonary Embolism Treatment Options and the PEAC Team with Oren Friedman


We now have way too many treatment options for sub-massive and massive pulmonary embolism (PE) patients who aren’t coding in front of you. How do you decide which one is right for your patient? To help answer this question, I am joined today by Oren Friedman, pulmonary critical care doc and one of the members […]

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Expert Commentary on EMCrit


What this icon means

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Are you Following Jeff Kline’s Twitter Account


Jeff Kline is on twitter

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Podcast 127 – The Oxylator with Jim DuCanto


BVMs are ridiculously crappy and downright dangerous. The solution? the Oxylator

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SMACC-Back – On the Beliefs of Early Adopters and Straw Men


The First SMACC-Back from SMACCgold

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MOTR: Cliff Reid on When Should Stop Resuscitation


Cliff Reid on When Should Resus Stop from SMACCgold

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Podcast 126 – TTM Trial Right from Niklas Nielsen’s Mouth


In this episode, I speak with Niklas Nielsen on his thoughts on the TTM trial.

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EMCrit Wee – Four More Minutes with Rob Mac Sweeney


I told you today we would have a bit of discussion on Rob Mac Sweeney’s FOAM. Well here it is…

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EMCrit Wee – Rob Mac Sweeney on Intra-Arrest Meds


Rob Mac Sweeny on the Intra-Arrest Talk

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