Podcast 061 – Debate: Paralytics for ICU Intubations?


I recently spoke at a symposium at the Greater NY Hospital Assoc’s with the title: Controversies in Critical Care. I debated Paul Mayo, MD on the topic of whether paralytics should be used for ICU emergent intubations. Of course, I took the pro side of the debate. Dr. Mayo based his con side on an amazing study that came out of his ICU at LIJ hospital in NY.

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Two OR Intubation Videos

Jim DuCanto

Jim is an anesthesiologist at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has recorded 100’s of intubations in the OR. The above video shows two of them.

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Podcast 060 – On Human Bondage and the Art of the Chemical Takedown


In this episode, I discuss the takedown and restraint of the violent, agitated delirium patient. This is a team sport and requires a coordinated approach for the safety of the patient and staff.

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Essentials of EM 2011

ZdoggMD, Me, Rob Orman, and Mike Cadogan

I just got back from Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2011. In my opinion, this is the premiere Emergency Medicine Conference in the world! Mel Herbert continues to be a visionary in EM education.

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How to generate constant CPAP with a BVM for Preoxygenation and Reoxygenation


How to make your crappy BVM into a powerful preoxygenation device–on the cheap.

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Podcast 059 – Bath Salts with Leon Gussow


Today I am joined by toxicology master, Leon Gussow to discuss a new quasi-legal class of drugs: Bath Salts. I saw my first OD of this a month ago; despite the drug’s name, this patient was neither clean nor pleasantly refreshed. He was violent, agitated, and overheated.

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When to wean the CPAP in SCAPE


A listener asks how to wean CPAP when a SCAPE patient is getting better.

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A novel set-up to allow suctioning during direct endotracheal and fiberoptic intubation


New device to allow you to suction until you pass through the cords

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Brief Review of the King Vision Video Laryngoscope


Minh Le Cong, retrieval physician extraordinaire, shares a review of the King Vision Video Laryngoscope.

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Podcast 058 – Interview with Cliff Reid – Part II

Podcast 058 – Interview with Cliff Reid – Part II

Part II of an interview with EMS Physician Cliff Reid of the amazing blog, resus.me.

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