Podcast 65 – A Primer on BVM Ventilation with Reuben Strayer


Today I want to talk about proper ventilation with a Bag-Valve-Mask, aka the BVM. I am joined by my friend Reuben Strayer, MD of EM Updates. You’ll see Reub’s talk from this year’s EMCrit ED Critical Care Conference and hear some of my thoughts as well.

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Podcast 64 – Fluid Responsiveness with Dr. Paul Marik


Today I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Paul Marik, Professor and Division Chief of Pulmonary Critical Care at Eastern Virginia Medical Center. We got to speak on the topic of fluid responsiveness–one of the toughest questions in critical care.

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More on a Diagnostic Strategy for C-Spine Injuries

More on a Diagnostic Strategy for C-Spine Injuries

Podcast 63 set off some expected controversy given my take that plain films are a dead imaging modality for c-spine injuries. I wanted to briefly outline my impression of the existing evidence:

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Podcast 63 – A Pain in the Neck – Part I

You Need to Read Your Footnotes

In this episode, I discuss the diagnosis of c-spine injuries. I argue that we should not send patients to imaging unless we have used the NEXUS rule and then added the Canadian C-spine Rule to the sequence. If we are imaging, it should be with a 3-view reconstructed CT scan. And even after that is done, you still need a clearance exam before removing the collar.

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EMCrit Podcast – Hard Six – My Picks from 2011


My favorite discoveries in the medical blogosphere and podcast land

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Replay of the Emergency Ultrasound Podcast – Wall Motion Abnormality Lecture


Replay of the incredible Wall Motion Abnormality Talk from the Emergency Ultrasound Podcast

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Podcast 62 – Needle vs. Knife II: Needle Thoracostomy?


In this podcast, I explain why I don’t think needle compression is such a clever idea. Main points are: most people can’t find anterior target, most angiocaths won’t reach, and if used diagnostically you may not be in the pleura leading to an unidentified pneumo or hemothorax. Also, when used diagnostically, if the chest was negative you just caused a pneumothorax.

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Podcast 061 – Debate: Paralytics for ICU Intubations?


I recently spoke at a symposium at the Greater NY Hospital Assoc’s with the title: Controversies in Critical Care. I debated Paul Mayo, MD on the topic of whether paralytics should be used for ICU emergent intubations. Of course, I took the pro side of the debate. Dr. Mayo based his con side on an amazing study that came out of his ICU at LIJ hospital in NY.

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Two OR Intubation Videos

Jim DuCanto

Jim is an anesthesiologist at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has recorded 100’s of intubations in the OR. The above video shows two of them.

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Podcast 060 – On Human Bondage and the Art of the Chemical Takedown


In this episode, I discuss the takedown and restraint of the violent, agitated delirium patient. This is a team sport and requires a coordinated approach for the safety of the patient and staff.

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