EMCrit Podcast 44 – Acid Base: Part I


This lecture discusses a quantitative approach to acid base management. This is also known as the Fencl-Stewart approach, the strong-ion approach or the physicochemical approach. It provides explanations for why acid base disorders occur in human pathophysiology.

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Listener Questions – Episode 1


Since we had the Kayexalate episode, I did not want to do a full podcast, so I thought I would just air some listener questions:

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Bonus – Is Kayexalate Useless?


Dr. Siamak (Mak) Moayedi, MD found nothing to indicate that kayexalate is effective for the acute management of hyperkalemia.

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Video for Podcast 43 – Inserting the Air-Q

Video for Podcast 43 – Inserting the Air-Q

Here is a video to go along with podcast 43 on the insertion and use of the Air-Q intubating laryngeal airway

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EMCrit Podcast 43 – Laryngeal Airways with Daniel Cook, MD (Part I)


My favorite supraglottic airway is the Cookgas Air-Q; it was created by an anesthesiologist, Dr. Daniel Cook. He just created a new device that allows the placement of an esophageal blocker through the laryngeal airway. I gave him a call to hear about the new product and in the course of that conversation, he gave me a ton of tips on the placement of laryngeal airways. Part II will specifically discuss the new device.

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EMCrit Podcast 42: A phD in EKG with Steve Smith


Electrocardiograms can be subtle; but you can’t miss them or patients die. Today, I interview, Dr. Stephen Smith of the incredible blog: Dr. Smith’s EKG Blog.

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EMCrit Podcast 41 – Interview with Cliff Reid of RESUS.me

resus.me logo

I was lucky to cajole Cliff Reid of the amazing blog, resus.me on to the EMCrit program. Cliff is truly a doc after my own heart as you will hear from the cast.

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EMCrit Podcast 40 – Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI)

dsi slide

Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI) is a procedural sedation, the procedure in this case being effective preoxygenation. Give ketamine, put them on the mask, and in 3 minutes paralyze and intubate.

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Origins of the Dope Mnemonic


All the way back in episode 16, I asked if anyone knew the origins of the DOPE mnemonic for post-intubation desaturation. Nobody had an answer until now. Here is an email from Ahad…

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EMCrit Podcast 39 – Hyponatremia


Hmm… he’s tasty, but he just needs a little salt! In this podcast, I discuss the management of hyponatremia in the ED.

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