Podcast 134 – ARISE has arisen; now where do we stand on Severe Sepsis in 2014


the Arise Study (Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation) and Severe Sepsis Care in 2014

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Which Pacemaker/ICD is that Again


figure out which device from the xray

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EMCrit Podcast 133 – The First Prehospital REBOA

REBOA Training at London HEMS (Attrib. Needed)

London HEMS docs peform REBOA and save a life

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EMCrit Wee – Aggressiveness and the New Cutdown with Leon Boudourakis, MD


Need access–this may be a way

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Podcast 132 – MoTR – Toughness Part I with Michael Lauria


Today, I interview Mike Lauria on the concepts of toughness and resilience.

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EMCrit Podcast 131 – Cut to Air: Surgical Airway from SMACC Gold


Cut to Air: Crics from SMACC Gold

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EMCrit Wee – A Case to Threaten Current ECMO Evidence from Sam G

Initial ECG

Should we be extending ACLS in patients we really want to save?

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Table-of-Contents and FOAMcc in One Bolus


All the journal goodness

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EMCrit Podcast 130 – Hemodynamic-Directed Dosing of Epinephrine for Cardiac Arrest


Today on the podcast, I address the last little bit from my SMACC lecture on the new management of the intra-arrest: hemodynamic, individualized dosing of epinephrine.

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Ebola Diagnosis and Treatment


Just in Case…

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