What Will it Take to Kill off CVP?


I had Paul Marik on the show a while back to discuss his Seven Mares debunking of CVP for predicting fluid responsiveness. He just published an updated meta-analysis adding further nails in CVP's coffin. Too bad the Surviving Sepsis Campaign doesn't read his stuff. Does the Central Venous Pressure Predict Fluid Responsiveness? An Updated Meta-Analysis and a Plea for Some … [Read more...]

Podcast 102 – Don’t Half-Ass your FAST!


I've wanted to discuss tips and pitfalls for the FAST exam for a while now, but I needed a master to talk with. Luckily at Castlefest, I met Laleh Gharahbaghian, MD. She is the Ultrasound Director at Stanford's Dept. of Emergency Medicine as well as being too cool for school. She is also FOAMY with what I think is the best blog on all things point-of-care ultrasound: … [Read more...]