Optic Nerve Sheath Ultrasound for Detecting Increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP)


In podcast 78 on the management of elevated ICP, I discussed ocular nerve sheath ultrasound. Here are some additional resources.

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Podcast 78 – Increased Intra-Cranial Pressure (ICP) and Herniation, aka Brain Code


Today we are going to discuss increased intracranial pressure (ICP) and herniation

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A blog recommendation for the crit care minded folks out there

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EMCrit Wee – Airway Outsourcing and Suction Henching


Further discussion of prepassing the bougie and why fiberoptic laryngoscopy may obviate all of the classic teaching on bimanual laryngoscopy.

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Stand-alone ETCO2 Monitors


Do you have a capnograph machine you like?

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Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADS)

Algo from Dr. Higgins of Maine Medical (Click for Full Size)

LVADs are complicated especially when the patient starts going downhill. Zack Shinar is going to attempt to make it a bit easier.

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Episode 5 – Upper GI Bleed Guidelines

Episode 5 – Upper GI Bleed Guidelines

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence: Acute upper GI bleeding: NICE guideline

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EMCrit Wee – Bougie Prepass and CricCon for Difficult Airway

Cricothyrotomy Readiness Level

So my friend, Darren Braude and a colleague had a horrible airway case, which they presented on EM:RAP. I wanted to comment on the case.

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How to Place and Secure an IO in a Peds Patient

Click for Full Size Image

Tips from someone who knows–A Crit Care Paramedic

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Severe Pediatric Trauma with Michael McGonigal


I got to speak with Michael McGonigal, MD of the Trauma Professional’s Blog about severe pediatric trauma in the ED.

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