An Interview on Severe Trauma with Karim Brohi


Let’s talk trauma. I interview Karim Brohi on traumatic arrest, massive transfusion and hypotensive resuscitation.

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A New Bougie for your Pocket by Jim DuCanto


A new product: a bougie that is very malleable but holds it form, designed to keep in your pocket.

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Podcast 80 – Uhmmmm, Maybe Groin Lines Are Not So Bad with Paul Marik


When I read a recent meta-analysis by Paul Marik on femoral central lines, the first thing I did was bang my head against the wall 10 or 20 times.

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Podcast 79 – Reducing Door to tPA Time in Ischemic Stroke


Reducing door to tPA time in Ischemic Stroke. Strategies and tips to optimize patient care.

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A Message of Poo by a Man on Top of his Game


ZDoggMD…need I say more

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One that made me happy, One that made me sad


Two peri-intubation articles.

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Optic Nerve Sheath Ultrasound for Detecting Increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP)


In podcast 78 on the management of elevated ICP, I discussed ocular nerve sheath ultrasound. Here are some additional resources.

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Podcast 78 – Increased Intra-Cranial Pressure (ICP) and Herniation, aka Brain Code


Today we are going to discuss increased intracranial pressure (ICP) and herniation

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A blog recommendation for the crit care minded folks out there

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EMCrit Wee – Airway Outsourcing and Suction Henching


Further discussion of prepassing the bougie and why fiberoptic laryngoscopy may obviate all of the classic teaching on bimanual laryngoscopy.

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