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jongatwardI know there is definitively a role for HiFi Simulation–from my perspective it should probably be for cognitive, not skill development. I have always believed skill and scenario training can be done with low-fidelity simulation, preferably in the place you will actually be playing. Well, Jon Gatward is the master of In-Situ Sim. He now has a website that breaks it all down. If you care about training and education, treat yourself to a gander.

Mobilesim Site

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  1. says

    Hey Scott, just arrived back in Sydney from a trip back to the old Dart to find my site stats have gone crazy! Thanks for the mention and glad you like the site. I totally agree that sim training is best suited to the development of cognitive skills, team working, communication etc rather than practical skills. Cheers, hope to see you in Chicago. Jon.

  2. David Skibbie says

    Hi Scott

    We are working out an intubation checklist at our shop, and are using yours as a template (we’re stealing your stuff, actually). I noticed that you recommend using lower ketamine dosing (below fully dissociative, but above analgesic dosing) for post intubation sedation. My experience has been that you may induce a sub-dissociated state (agitated delirium) at this dosing, but then, I tend to use it as the sole post-intubation sedation agent fairly often. Do you find that when using analgesics along with ketamine that sub-dissociated agitation states are avoided?

    Thanks, I love the site and information.

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