My Reflections on #SMACCGold

I was going to record a wee right after the conference, and then I realized I was still processing for a while. Then, so many people posted so many insightful descriptions that I felt I really would have nothing to add that would not be just piling on the fan heap. I figure SMACC Chicago (#SMACCago) would benefit from me pitching my love of SMACC right before that conference rather than now. So instead, I figured I would just pick the existing post that got across my feelings of my time on the Gold Coast (Old Coast?) best.

Even though it was not the most comprehensive, it summed it up best for me (though suffice it to say, the conference was frackin’ amazing). The post was by Iain Beardsell.


I have had a particular admiration for Iain’s wit, poise, and obvious good-guy-edness since SMACC #1. So go read this post:

#SMACCGold Reflections by @docib

and you damned well better show up in Chicago in 2015

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