Listener Questions – Episode 1

Since we had the Kayexalate episode, I did not want to do a full podcast, so I thought I would just air some listener questions:

  • Adrian wrote asking about why A/C over SIMV when choosing a vent mode
  • Cory wanted to know if NIV is any good for COPD
  • Michael was worried about the level of dogma that has crept into EM/Critical Care podcasts

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  1. Jonathan Henglein says

    I always enjoy reading all the back and forth comments so hopefully that stays but I really enjoyed this Podcast Q&A as well. It answered some questions I had myself.

    Thanks again! Keep up the great work.

  2. Lance Lynch says

    Hey Scott… I’ve been listening for about a week now and am absolutely hooked! Please do continue the Q&A sessions… Lots can be gained by having you expound on your ideas that cause confusion.

    Thanks Again,

  3. Anand Senthi says

    Also agree re the benefit of this Q&A podcast – thanks. I have a 2 part question:

    1) With AC mode if you set RR =1o and TV 500ml, and the patient takes 3 spontaneous breaths in a minute, they will get those 3 breaths supported to 500ml by ventilator + 7 ventilator only breaths at 500ml. So 10 breaths x 500ml= 5000ml minute volume. Is that right?

    2) With same settings again (AC mode, RR = 10, TV = 500ml), if the patient takes 17 breaths will ALL 17 breaths be supported to 500ml by the ventilator? i.e they will get 17 x 500ml = 8500ml minute volume?

    So AC mode doesn’t care about overall minute volume but SIMV does – correct?
    thanks for your help


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