Post-Cardiac Arrest Management and TTM Lectures and Tutorials

The Post-Cardiac Arrest Syndrome

Stephen Bernard on Post-Arrest Care in 2013

The Post-Arrest Syndrome (mp3)

by Scott Weingart, MD
Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine Conference
June 26, 2009

Powerpoint for Post-resus Syndrome 6-26-09

Mike Darwin Article

Prospects for Improved CPR and Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia

Kuiper’s Use of a Standardized Protocol for Post-Arrest

Unpublished Article???

A lecture on the nuts & bolts of induced hypothermia

This lecture hopefully answers all of your ED hypothermia questions. It includes what to do when the patient is not doing well, including: bleeding, hemodynamic instability, low cardiac output, shivering, and STEMI.

Special thanks to Phil Andrus, MD for some of the slides


2009 ED Critical Care Conference on Improving Cardiac Arrest Outcomes

Stephan Mayer on Therapeutic Hypothermia

Dr. Mayer’s Bio

Right Click to Download the MP3


Ben Bobrow on CardioCerebral Resuscitation

Ben Bobrow, MD Bio
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Ben Bobrow’s Slides

Arjay Kirtane, MD on PCI Post-Arrest

Fantastic presentation on PCI for Post-Arrest Patients

Dr. Riker from Maine Medical on Post-Arrest Management




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