Life in the Fast Lane – My favorite emergency medicine blog. Chock full of emergency and critical care information. Drs. Mike Cadogan & Chris Nickson are superstars!

Resus.Me – Dr. Cliff Reid gives more of the down under slant on Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

The Poison Review – Dr. Leon Gussow discusses toxicology

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine – Michelle Lin has such a great attitude and consistently good content

Steve Smith’s ECG Blog-A PhD in ECGS

EM/Crit Care Podcasts

Chicago Toxcast – Such a delight to hear these folks talk about tox each month

EM:RAP Podcast – Mel Herbert is always on the cutting edge of EM education

ICU Rounds Podcast – Jeff Guy gives great ICU lectures on your ipod

ERCast – Rob Orman has a great format and a great show. He does curbside interviews with experts, many from outside EM.

Other Medical Podcasts

Emergency Ultrasound Podcast – Mike & Matt are hysterical and brilliant. Learn about the techniques and the evidence.

Gobbets of Pus – All Mark Crislip’s stuff is FANTASTIC, but the gobbets is only 5 minutes and usually hysterical

Journal Sites

EB Medicine-publishers of EM Practice (COI: I am on the Editorial Board)

Emergency Medicine Australasia

Non-Medical Podcasts

TedTalks, Skeptoid, Poptech, The Moth Podcast, RadioLab, This American Life. (Search Itunes for these)

Non-Medical Sites

Butterick’s Practical Typography

Medical Reading

see the emcrit recommended reading page


  1. Zac Unverzagt says

    Love the podcasts! I’m an Intensive Care Paramedic and sometimes Flight ICP from Brisbane Australia! love your teaching and your passion great stuff!


  2. says

    Love your work
    Great podcasts
    Amazing amount of work you’ve put in to produce an amazing and expanding website

    Keep our conference in mind- if it works we’ll be coming to Cuba in 2013 and we’ll need presenters.

  3. John Roe says

    Hi Scott,

    Kudos to guys like you and Dr Orman. My gym sessions are now more for my grey matter than my muscles, as I have ditched the doof doof music to play the blogs, so mens sana in corpore sano! And it feels, dare I say it, quite sexy to have bang up-to-date banter and in depth reviews on various Crit Care topics. It is great to be able to snappily bring out ideas and data from the shows when on the shop floor, and to reflect on yours and others practice.

    Love the blogs. Love it! Keep ’em rolling,


    Dr John Roe
    ED Registrar from Darwin, NT, Australia

  4. says

    Hello Dr. Scott, im doing my postgraduation in Internal Medicine in India, just wanted to drop in to say that your an inspiration and I really appreciate the work u’r doing, not just for your patients and also on your blog. Gr8 job!

  5. Zikri says


    I’ve been following your blogs for past two years.. I have to say it’s getting better each time.. I’ve never failed to include my teaching sessions with your great podcast stuffs especially the airway.. Keep it up!

  6. Colin Kaide says

    Love the Stuff! Have you ever used nebulized flolan for patients with severe hypoxemia and sob? Is this an alternative to nitric oxide? Assume no history of pulmonary hypertension.

  7. Rich Rearick says

    Just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!
    I’m a newer paramedic who years before that was a patient. My last year of high school I was consumed by heroin and cocaine. Many years later receiving narcan several times and getting help I made life changes. I got cleaned up and went to school for my EMT and then my Medic. I now learn as much as I can about medicine and work hard to provide the best care I can. I’m so greatful for people like you who are so selfless and willing to freely help others! I’m going to keep learning and listening to your excellent podcasts!

    Thank you!!!

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