How do subscribe on my…?

Go to the subscriptions page

How do I get the videos to work on my ipod, older ipod touch, etc.?

View here in Full Screen

I am having other technical problems, especially getting the podcast into or out of itunes

How do I leave feedback on itunes?

First, thanks for wanting to give feedback. Here is a 1 minute screencast that will take you through the process. It is best viewed in full screen.

I need an audio version of one of the video podcasts–How do I get one?

This site will convert video to audio for you

How do I get the older EMCrit episodes in Itunes?

First, copy this link [http://feedpress.me/emcritarchives] without the brackets to your clipboard

Then, watch this screencast

How to get old emcrit episodes into Itunes

Where are these damn shownotes you keep talking about?

See this video on how to find older shownotes more easily

How do I post a case on Google+?

See the instructions post

How do you keep up with all of the podcasts you listen to and the blogs you read?

For podcasts, I use itunes. For blogs, you should watch this video.

If you are on android and are looking for podcatchers, the two highest rated ones are beyondpod & pocketcast

Can you recommend some ICU-related podcasts?

  1. SCCM icritical care
  2. Oliver Flower’s ICU Podcast
  3. Maryland CC Project
  4. SMACC Podcast

Can you please post or mention my conference, educational product, or website?

Unfortunately, I can’t… I did a few mentions of upcoming conferences over the past couple of shows. Immediately afterwards I got solicitations for an additional 20 conferences that folks want me to mention on a show or on the site. I can’t do it, it is not fair to the listeners, and it would be too difficult to pick and choose between conferences as I do not have the slots to mention them all. So as of 2/2012 I can’t pitch conferences anymore. I am so sorry; I feel bad about this one, but just can’t do it.

Which Pod Catcher Apps Do You Recommend?

For the Iphone I use the native podcast app (If you don’t use itunes to manage your podcasts, use Downcast)

For Andriod, I am told the one to go with is Pocket Casts

Can I come and do a rotation with you?

I’m so sorry, at this point there are no rotation opportunities. If this changes, I’ll announce it on the podcast.