EMCrit Wee – Preoxygenation Update 2015

vent effects on alveoli

Here is a bit of follow-up on prior EMCrit discussions and some new stuff for Janu-Airway Updated Recs on Preox in Non-Shunted Patients Original Article: Weingart & Levitan on Preoxygenation Evidence Will Patients Tolerate 15 lpm by NC? Andy Brainard shows that of course they will: The Rule of 15's Every patient gets a NC @15 lpm Try adding a Non-Rebreather … [Read more...]

EMCrit Wee – Aggressiveness and the New Cutdown with Leon Boudourakis, MD


Promotions: ATACC Trauma Textbook A free trauma textbook that is simply amazing and the best example of FOAM brought to traditional media that I have ever seen--want it? I bet you do. I could have written an entire post on this book, but luckily someone did it for me: Tim Leeuwenburg on the ATACC Textbook Just want to download it? The Ibooks Version can be found at … [Read more...]

EMCrit Wee – A Case to Threaten Current ECMO Evidence from Sam Ghali

Initial ECG

Over at EDECMO we talk about the huge benefits of ECPR demonstrated by the fact that there are neurologically intact survivors when ECMO is initiated at the point of cessation of standard ACLS. But what if standard ACLS had not stopped... What if you just kept going? Mirroring Cliff Reid's amazing talk: When Should We Stop Resuscitation?, I present Sam Ghali's (@EM_ResUS) … [Read more...]

SMACC-Back – On the Beliefs of Early Adopters and Straw Men


This is the first SMACC-Back for SMACCgold. The creator of the lecture that led to this was Simon Carley. Simon is a brilliant emergency physician and lecturer who practices at St. Emlyn's. I can only imagine he was expecting this SMACC-Back as he all but threw his metal glove on the ground in front of me (all in good fun). Unfortunately, I was in another session during this … [Read more...]