The Resuscitation Crisis Manual (RCM) – Authors Needed


A while ago on the podcast, I featured a book called the Anesthetic (Anaesthetic) Crisis Manual by David Borshoff. David is an anesthesiologist and a pilot, so it was natural that he would want the same sort of no-bullshit crisis checklist he used in a plane to be present in the operating theater. Hence the Anesthetic Crisis Manual. Joe Novak, Emerg Doc and Combat Aviator, … [Read more...]

EMCrit Wee – The RLA and the Slope of Resuscitation

shit we do

Resuscitation Leadership Academy Haney Mallemat, Matt Dawson, Mike Mallin, Mike Stone, and I are starting a new project called the RLA. It is an online resuscitation fellowship--I think it is going to be fairly grand. If you want more info, click on over to the Resus Leadership Academy site. Resuscitation Stuff We Do Graphs this idea was first introduced to me by my … [Read more...]

Online Hierarchy of Needs now published on EMA


So Brent Thoma and I made a video as an introduction to Social Media and FOAM. Emergency Medicine Australasia was kind enough to publish it (Thank you Geof and Anthony!!). Here is the official published version. After watching, we'd really appreciate it if you retweet this tweet: Online hierarchy of needs with @Brent_Thoma & me is published as a wee: … [Read more...]