EMCrit Wee – Janus General and Service Update


Janus General Hospital Janus General is a virtual hospital where I will set all of my future cases. The inspiration for a virtual hospital comes from my friends at the St. Emlyn's Blog. Where to Comment/Question If it is about a blogpost/podcast, comment here on the EMCrit.org site If it is a clinical question or discussion, go to the EMCrit G+ Community Page If it is … [Read more...]

Join the EMCrit G+ Community Page

If you have a comment or question about one of the podcasts, chuck it into the comments section. But I get a ton of clinical cases and questions by email or the contact form that have not been covered on a podcast yet. I love this--it exposes me to some great cases I would never hear about otherwise. Problem is, up until this point, it has been a 1 on 1 conversation. This is … [Read more...]

How to Use RSS and Itunes to Maximize FOAM Podcasts

I got an email from the man, Joe Lex, asking me if it would be helpful if he gathered all my podcasts together in one file and disseminated it. My answer is a resounding no for the following reasons: This is actually a step backwards in terms of dissemination. RSS is the way to go for device downloads. All podcasts can be downloaded in one shot as it is. I actually … [Read more...]