EMCrit Wee – Janus General and Service Update

Janus General Hospital

Janus General is a virtual hospital where I will set all of my future cases. The inspiration for a virtual hospital comes from my friends at the St. Emlyn’s Blog.

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Starting with episode 97, at the bottom of each post, there is a direct link to get CME:



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But I get a ton of clinical cases and questions by email or the contact form that have not been covered on a podcast yet. I love this–it exposes me to some great cases I would never hear about otherwise. Problem is, up until this point, it has been a 1 on 1 conversation. This is sort of a waste because nobody else benefits except you and me. So in the future, when you have a  case or question like this, I would love it if you posted to the Google Plus EMCrit Community page. This allows a few things:

  1. it allows my answer to be seen by a much larger group of people
  2. it allows folks smarter than me to chime in as well
  3. it keeps a record of these case interactions so I can refer people to them in the future

So how do you do it? Easiest way to learn is to watch this video:

How to Use RSS and Itunes to Maximize FOAM Podcasts

I got an email from the man, Joe Lex, asking me if it would be helpful if he gathered all my podcasts together in one file and disseminated it.

My answer is a resounding no for the following reasons:

  • This is actually a step backwards in terms of dissemination. RSS is the way to go for device downloads. All podcasts can be downloaded in one shot as it is.
  • I actually need my download stats for analysis, proof of dissemination, promotion, and proof of concept of e-learning
  • When mistakes are discovered, I replace the audio in the feed and all future downloads have the corrected audio
  • These changed files are less useful on current podcast devices as the meta has been removed

But the real reason I don’t recommend this is that there is a much easier way. For that, watch this video. Best watched in full screen (Click the expand arrows on the bottom of the video).

Note if you are already Itunes savvy, there is no reason to watch this video

Want More?

Here is the video I did of how to use RSS, google reader, and flipboard to read blogs

You can find another video on using iTunes on the Southampton Emergency Medicine Project Video Page

Do you have questions, then put them in the comments below:

How to Use RSS Feeds to Follow Medical Blogs on your IPAD

For Jen:

Go to Vimeo to see in Full HD Glory

How to Post a Case or Question to EMCrit Google Plus




Service Update – How to get old episodes into Itunes

Hi folks,

I received a bunch of emails asking how to get the old episodes into itunes. I expanded the RSS feed to include them, now you just need to bring them into itunes, this 40 second video shows you how.