Brief Review of the King Vision Video Laryngoscope


You might remember Minh Le Cong from the needle vs. the knife - part I podcast. He is a retrieval (EMS) physician from down under and he has a particular interest in prehospital airway management. He was kind enough to review the king vision video laryngoscope for the blog. Neither Minh nor myself have any conflicts of interest with this company. This is the device that Cliff … [Read more...]

Product Review: Optyse Ophthalmoscope


After the meningitis episode, one of the listeners, David Thomas, recommended I check out a new opthalmoscope from a UK company. I checked out the web site and had them send me a sample for evaluation. The optyse opthalmoscope is lens free, you focus on the fundi by moving closer to the patient. It is really a well made, compact, dead simple little product. My experience was … [Read more...]