EMCrit Rant – Risk in Emergency Medicine

Warning-This is not an ED Critical Care Podcast, it is a rant. Rants will be featured periodically and irregularly; feel free to ignore and delete them.

This one was spurred by a post by Chris Nickson, aka precordialthump.

The post led me to an incredible lecture by Dr. David Schriger given at the most recent All LA Conference. You should go and listen to this lecture:

Link to Dr. Schriger’s Talk at alllaconference.com

The issue of critical thinking in EM was once dear to my heart. I even wrote a book about it, when I believed that print publishing was not a bloated and dead enterprise.

But the flash and glamor of critical care soon eclipsed my love of critical thinking. However Dr. Schriger’s excellent lecture stirred up this old romance.

In this brief rant, I discuss three additional points that occurred to me as I was listening. But remember, you will be far better served using your time to listen to his lecture than my rant.


photo by Rionda