Blakemore Tube Placement for Massive Upper GI Hemorrhage


In recent lectures, I talk about a life-saving Blakemore Tube placement. I suspect some of you may need a reminder of the intricacies of this device, so I made a video and cheat-sheet. What you need: Blakemore Salem Sump 60 ml Luer-lock Syringe 60 ml Slip-tip Syringe 2 x-mas tree to male luer lock converters 3 three-way stopcocks 3 medlock … [Read more...]

IVC Ultrasound for Non-Invasive Sepsis Protocol


We're still working on the Greater NY Sepsis Initiative. The next step towards making a non-invasive protocol possible is to teach folks how to use ultrasound of the IVC to assess fluid responsiveness. I developed this video to get ED & ICU docs up to speed. If you can do ANY ultrasound exam, you can do this one. If you want to see the most recent version of the … [Read more...]