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Rich Levitan’s Advanced Airway Course is coming to NYC

NYC Advanced Airway Course

Sept 27-28, 2014

I’ll be teaching as well as a host of other amazing faculty members

It’s going to be stupendous!


I was recently part of an wonderful neurocritical care conference organized by my friend Stephan Mayer. Fantastic speakers from around the world including Niklas Nielsen of TTM fame. Rick Nunez of EMEDhome had the entire conference taped. If you are interested in joining, use the code EMCRIT for a discount. I’m getting no kickbacks, I just think Rick puts out great product.

My Reflections on #SMACCGold

I was going to record a wee right after the conference, and then I realized I was still processing for a while. Then, so many people posted so many insightful descriptions that I felt I really would have nothing to add that would not be just piling on the fan heap. I figure SMACC Chicago (#SMACCago) would benefit from me pitching my love of SMACC right before that conference rather than now. So instead, I figured I would just pick the existing post that got across my feelings of my time on the Gold Coast (Old Coast?) best.

Even though it was not the most comprehensive, it summed it up best for me (though suffice it to say, the conference was frackin’ amazing). The post was by Iain Beardsell.


I have had a particular admiration for Iain’s wit, poise, and obvious good-guy-edness since SMACC #1. So go read this post:

#SMACCGold Reflections by @docib

and you damned well better show up in Chicago in 2015

In-Situ Sim


jongatwardI know there is definitively a role for HiFi Simulation–from my perspective it should probably be for cognitive, not skill development. I have always believed skill and scenario training can be done with low-fidelity simulation, preferably in the place you will actually be playing. Well, Jon Gatward is the master of In-Situ Sim. He now has a website that breaks it all down. If you care about training and education, treat yourself to a gander.

Mobilesim Site

150 Lives in 150 Days


My friend, David Sweet, is an ED Intensivist and the clinical lead of the British Columbia Sepsis Network. Their motto, “Best care, no matter where.”–you can see why we get along.

They put together an initiative to save 150 lives in 150 days. With a NNT of 5, they needed to treat 750 patients in ~5 months in order to save the requisite number of patients… And they did it.

Here is David:

This past World Sepsis Day, in British Columbia, Canada, the BC Sepsis Network launched an awareness and engagement campaign to accelerate the use of evidence-based sepsis management in the province. In 150 days, 32 emergency departments signed up and used a sepsis early identification/treatment protocol to treat 750 patients with severe sepsis (lactate >4.0 mmol/L) or septic shock (hypotension). Based on a number needed to treat of five, we saved 150 Lives in 150 Days!

Kudos brother!

Check out their Poster

Which Airway Mannequin for Resuscitationists?

Who would know better than Minh Le Cong? He recommends this particular model from Nasco (as always neither of us have any COI).

Nasco Critical Airway Manager


Minh has beaten the crap our of his, drowned it, and basically committed levels of abuse that would get him arrested in a more civilized country.

Also Checkout the Cool DIY Work by Jim DuCanto, MD


US Emergency Physicians Must Read this Piece


Please, please take the five minutes to read this piece on malpractice from EP Monthly:

‘Gross Negligence’: A Slippery Slope for Dubious Expert Testimony

PDF version of Gross Negligence Article

image by quinn.anya

2014 Cabo CME Retreat

Join Rich Levitan, Mike Mallin, Matt Dawson, Rob Orman, Andy Sloas, and me for a 5-star, all-inclusive vacation in beautiful Cabo San Lucas and earn your CME credits in style. You’ll meet other leading medical professionals, enjoy luxury resort treatment, and learn about the latest advancements in emergency medicine at this exclusive medical retreat. The 2014 Cabo CME Retreat will focus on the newest emergency medical practices and technologies in the areas of ultrasound and airway medicine.

Our lineup of leading emergency doctors and medical speakers will present at Secret’s Resort, the newest all inclusive luxury resort in San Jose del Cabo. Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort boasts five gourmet restaurants, incredible views, infinity pools, and world renowned golf courses designed by Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus. At this limited-access retreat, you will experience a CME conference unlike any other.

Want More Information?

Go to the Cabo CME Home Page


SMACC Gold Promo


I interview Roger Harris about SMACC Gold. Come to smacc.net.au to hear more.


Do the New Non-Ionic Contrast Agents Actually Cause Renal Failure?

This question is discussed in an excellent post on the ED Trauma and Critical Care blog. Amit reviews these four articles:

  1. Newhouse, J. H. & RoyChoudhury, A. (2013). Quantitating Contrast Medium-induced Nephropathy: Controlling the Controls. Radiology, 267(1), 4–8. doi:10.1148/radiol.13122876
  2. McDonald, J. S., McDonald, R. J., Comin, J., Williamson, E. E., Katzberg, R. W., Murad, H. M., & Kalimes, D. F. (2013). Frequency of acute Kidney injury Following intravenous contrast Medium administration: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Radiology, 267(1), 119–128. doi:10.1148/radiol.12121460/-/DC1
  3. McDonald, R. J., McDonald, J. S., Bida, J. P., Carter, R. E., Fleming, C. J., Misra, S., et al. (2013). intravenous contrast Material–induced nephropathy: Causal or Coincident Phenomenon? Radiology, 267, 106–118. doi:10.1148/radiol.12121823/-/DC1
  4. Davenport, M. S., Khalatbari, S., Dillman, J. R., Cohan, R. H., Caoili, E. M., & Ellis, J. H. (2013). Contrast Material-induced Nephrotoxicity and Intravenous Low-Osmolality Iodinated Contrast Material. Radiology, 267(1), 94–105. doi:10.1148/radiol.12121394

His conclusion…Probably not. It is probably merely association. But click over to his post and read it all.

Induced Normothermia After TBI