ICU Physiology


If you have listened to the podcast for any length of time, you know I love the physiology behind our interventions. If you too love physio, then I have someone you need to know. His name is Jon-Emile Kenny. He is a pulmonary critical care doc and he has a passion for physiology in the ICU. You can check out his work at his site He also writes on ICU … [Read more...]

Help out Niklas Nielsen of the TTM Trial


Niklas is trying to get an idea of the current practice across the world when it comes to post-arrest cooling. If you have a moment (and it pretty much takes a minute), please take this survey: TTM Survey Knowing Niklas, the results will be put to good use and we'll see the answers helping our post-arrest patients. … [Read more...]

2 Pitches


Rich Levitan's Advanced Airway Course is coming to NYC NYC Advanced Airway Course Sept 27-28, 2014 I'll be teaching as well as a host of other amazing faculty members It's going to be stupendous! EMEDhome I was recently part of an wonderful neurocritical care conference organized by my friend Stephan Mayer. Fantastic speakers from around the world including Niklas … [Read more...]

My Reflections on #SMACCGold


I was going to record a wee right after the conference, and then I realized I was still processing for a while. Then, so many people posted so many insightful descriptions that I felt I really would have nothing to add that would not be just piling on the fan heap. I figure SMACC Chicago (#SMACCago) would benefit from me pitching my love of SMACC right before that conference … [Read more...]

In-Situ Sim


I know there is definitively a role for HiFi Simulation--from my perspective it should probably be for cognitive, not skill development. I have always believed skill and scenario training can be done with low-fidelity simulation, preferably in the place you will actually be playing. Well, Jon Gatward is the master of In-Situ Sim. He now has a website that breaks it all down. If … [Read more...]