The Abbreviated ED Thoracotomy Tray


So I was asked by Chris Hill, a kiwi,  to list the items I'd like to see in an ED-only Thoracotomy tray. Since I like to speak more than I like to write, I made a video instead: John Hind's Talk One of the things that came out of John Hind's incredible Cut the Chest, Get Crucified talk was that he also created an abbreviated tray. He did not detail what was in his tray--I … [Read more...]

We are Complicit – A glimpse into the current state of Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock Quality Measures


So... I spent the afternoon wading through the proposed CMS sepsis measure. Anyone who has any experience with national quality measures understands just how painful a way this is to waste a few hours. Here is the issue: You and I have a pretty clean definition of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: A suspected infection with >=2 of the SIRS criteria along with a … [Read more...]

Surgical Intensive Care Unit Orientation


EM Residents should rotate in a SICU. If your program doesn't send you through, it probably is worth an elective and a major trauma center. My friend, Rich Savel, has created a couple of videos to orient his rotators to the unit. I think they would be valuable for any resuscitation resident. Additional Resources for SICU Education coming soon... … [Read more...]