More DuCanto and Pocket Bougie Videos

Here are some random airway videos I have been storing up

The 1-Person Bougie Technique and The Pocket Bougie Trigger Grip

Fayaz Gulamani demonstrates the 1-person bougie technique with a pocket bougie, (I have since tried this with a standard bougie and the technique is spectacular for that situation as well.) He also shows the special trigger grip for the pocket bougie.

(recommend going full-screen on this one)

Cord Previsualization for AirQ SGA Tube Exchange

Jim DuCanto has come up with a new concept for optimizing intubating through the Cookgas ILA. He recommends dropping your scope without the ETT tube on it first to optimize the SGA position. Only then, put your ETT on the scope and intubate through the ILA.

First, the Visualization:

Then, the tube placement:

Endotracheal Tube Exchange with a Pocket Bougie

Note, the techniques Jim shows are the same as when you use an airway exchange catheter

Exchange of a Laryngeal Tube Airway to ETT with Pocket Bougie and King Vision

Note: As always and forever, I have no financial relationship with these companies or any companies. I was given two pocket bougies to play around with.


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    • Jimmy D says

      For sure it’s a team sport. Very clear instructions are required when the assistant is otherwise untrained in airway management procedures.

  1. Minh Le Cong says

    thanks guys for the videos.
    v cool!
    one question.
    Jim, what are you doing with a hand accordion at the SAM meeting?

    • Jimmy D says

      That is a vintage Kreiselmann Resuscitator, a WW2 era ventilation device (you should google it). I got it off of eBay in a US Army box, and the thing is really awesome and fun to use (in simulation). The device has a pop-off at 20 cm H2O per my measuring devices. Scott got a real kick out of seeing it, so he snapped my picture with it. The sensitivity to proper flow rates is much easier than with a bag-resuscitator, but it is more complicated in construction than a bag-valve. The Veterinary industry still uses resuscitators made in this design for newborn calf/foal resuscitation.

  2. Don Diakow says

    Had the pocket bougie rep meet with us Fieldtrainers for EMS and went through a presentation / demo . The one handed variation is applicable for some of the sole EMS responders ( Tactical, Field Trainer and Hazmat ) medics that respond here in Calgary.
    Once shown the “trigger” hand technique the Bougie became very user friendly. Cool adjunct to our “Occasional Intubator” world.

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