Table-of-Contents and FOAMcc in One Bolus


MattGreerMatt Greer placed a comment on my Path to Insanity Post:

I’m currently in my 3rd year of EM residency in California, and hoping to do a Critical Care fellowship in the future. I’ve drank the kool-aid and have tried to read at least the TOC from all these journals for the last few months and I love it!! Its like trying to drink from a fire-hose, but it’s really rewarding when an article that you happen to pick out of the massive flood of articles gets picked up and talked about on the various FOAM sites. The repetitiveness of the important things causes the info to really stick.

I’m a huge nerd and have created a feedly list which includes the TOC of all of your journals as well as a majority of the major EM / CC FOAM sites (in different sections of course). I have shared the opml file with my peers in residency and those that are into the FOAM stuff love it (it saves them from populating their feedly list from scratch). I figured I’d make it available to your readers .

Click Here and Find the Download Link at the Top of the Screen to get the OPML File on to your Computer

download image


Then you need to import the file into your RSS Reader (we all recommend Feedly)



To get the OPML file imported into feedly:

  1. Click the add content link
  2. Click the OPML icon

You can then remove feeds as you like, but it’ll start you off with a framework.


Thanks Matt!

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  1. donald zweig says

    so i tried the feedly thing and itj does not seem to work. when i click on the link i get a bunch of programming text. would it work as well on a mac as on a pc? maybe that is the problem.

  2. Joe Bednarczyk says

    Yup tried this as well its a link to an XML file. Also renamed it to OPML and Feedly still can not process.

    • says

      nope. key is to use download arrow at the top of the page. was this how you downloaded the file. when done with the arrow, you get an opml file ready for import

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